About Us   

eBiz Portals was incorporated in the year 1999 as  limited company with the specific mission to provide high-quality Software Development Services, Staffing Services, IT Services, Dynamic Software Packages and Software Testing Services. We have distinguished ourselves in the industry by earning the reputation among our customers and industry peers for delivering quality IT services at competitive prices on time. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and value has rewarded us with the high percentage of repeated business and steady growth in new customer accounts. We achieved this success through our outsourcing model, a process where customers turn over to eBiz Portals – “the responsibility of performing functions-previously accomplished by their own staff”. Implicit in this transaction is the high degree of trust, customers have in eBiz Portals to operate and maintain their mission critical systems.  

 Our Strength Lies in Our Ability to create Custom Applications quickly and efficiently. The difference in eBiz Portals can be found in the depth of technological, project management and problem-solving skills, high-value solutions and rapid return on investment. eBiz Portals is built around best-of-breed products that can be quickly modified to deliver client-defined results.    

We are the company where the difference is QUALITY. eBiz Portals is comprised of an eclectic set of talented people with extensive experience in the software industry.  

We have good experience in executing assignments in the following models:  

Onsite-Offshore Model

Onsite-Offsite Model

Onsite-Offsite-Offshore Model

Dedicated Development Team

Outsourcing of resources 

 We also provide all kinds of support services to our clients.eBiz Portals reflects a phenomenal combination of commitment to relationships, quality and diverse capabilities. eBiz Portals has always exceeded the customer expectations with the philosophy of reliability, integrity, and unyielding commitment to its customer. The software knowledge and project approach that eBiz Portals brings is unequaled in the industry.  

eBiz Portals has strong technical background and vast IT management experience. It targets customers worldwide and offers services at reasonable costs. eBiz Portals strength lies in the fact that it gives an early emphasis on cost reduction and enable its clients to focus on core competencies and gain access to skilled resources, thus gaining a competitive advantage.eBiz Portals has immense exposure in the area of Enterprise Application Development, E-Business solutions, Middle Tier and Database application development. eBiz Portals brings strategy, brand and technology experts together in a single team. Opportunities are provided for people with strong technical background.  

 eBiz Portals Provides high quality and competitive Cost-effective solutions to its clients which is possible by its global partnerships and global presence, with a Software Development unit in India.  

 In today's business world of shrinking staffs and budgets, IT management is often about strategically allocating limited resources and improving efficiency so that you can do more with less. Our best practices have proven their effectiveness at the world's leading IT organizations and identified how to implement them on the complex software solutions.

Striving for excellence

Businesses are built on information. To survive, key information has to be delivered to people who need it, when and where they need it.

eBiz Portal’s vision is to promote business success with integration of real -time enterprise information; to develop solutions with far reaching advantages; to deliver software products and solutions using emerging technologies, through innovation and creativity, maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity.

Corporate Mission

The primary business objective of eBiz Portal is to establish a long-term relationship with customers and provide solutions which are tailor-made according to customer specifications. To achieve this objective, eBiz Portal is committed to:
• Improving process and technological capabilities
• Building an organization where an employee is sensitive to the quality
• Investing in R&D for developing tools and techniques
• Maintaining strategic business associations with organizations abroad for promoting eBiz Portal’s products and services.

As the new Millennium comes into view, the countries across the world align to usher in the new epoch. But only a few are poised to face the formidable challenges ahead. They are the ones who have long realized that IT holds the key to the future.
The ones who have assimilated all the breakthroughs in this very challenging field… The ones who put to use the potential of IT in every possible sphere of activity...
They are the ones with a real chance of winning.
Indisputably, India is one country that finds itself in the ivy-league of IT behemoths.
And at the vanguard of the IT revolution in India is eBiz Portal.