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    Microsoft Touts Vista's Restart Manager Feature

  Oracle Partnership Mobilizes Database Lite

  China Tech Exports Overtake U.S.

  Bringing IT Challenges Down to Earth

  Printing High-Fidelity Reports from Oracle Applications Just Got Easier

  Microsoft Touts Vista's Restart Manager Feature

Microsoft Corp. is working on a significant new feature for Windows Vista, known as Restart Manager, which is designed to update parts of the operating system or applications without having to reboot the entire machine.

Microsoft officials have not talked much publicly about this new feature, but Jim Allchin, the co-president of Microsoft's platform products and services division, recently told eWEEK that this is an example of just how important the reboot issue was to the Redmond-based software giant. "If a part of an application, or the operating system itself, needs to updated, the Installer will call the Restart Manager, which looks to see if it can clear that part of the system so that it can be updated. If it can do that, it does, and that happens without a reboot," he said.

"If you have to reboot, then what happens is that the system, together with the applications, takes a snapshot of the state: the way things are on the screen at that very moment, and then it just updates and restarts the application, or in the case of an operating system update, it will bring the operating system back exactly where it was," Allchin said.

If a user has Office 12 running on Windows Vista and the system has to do an update of either of them, and the user goes home leaving open files, the system would update and the screens would come back right to where they were before, Allchin said.


  Oracle Partnership Mobilizes Database Lite

Oracle Corp. is partnering with Broadbeam Corp. to extend the reach of its Oracle Database Lite 10g Release 2.

Oracle, of Redwood Shores, Calif., this week will announce that its mobile database featuring integration with Broadbeam's MSS (Mobile Systems Solution) ExpressQ is currently shipping. Customers will have to acquire both technologies separately to use the prebuilt interface between the two.

By activating MSS ExpressQ in tandem with Oracle Database Lite 10g Release 2 through a server configuration, customers can extend new device management capabilities to a variety of major devices, including laptops and PDAs that do not possess built-in SMS (Short Message Service) or proprietary message listener functionality, said Janet Boudris, CEO of Broadbeam, in Cranbury, N.J.


  China Tech Exports Overtake U.S.

China has overtaken the United States as the world's largest exporter of a broad category of electronic goods including computers, mobile phones and digital cameras, the OECD said Monday.

The report by the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development marks a milestone in China's diversification from low-tech textile sweatshops into sophisticated electronics factories.

Chinese exports of information and communications technology goods rose by 46 percent year-on-year to $180 billion in 2004, outstripping U.S. exports of $149 billion, 12 percent higher than the previous year.

China's positive trade balance in tech products almost tripled to $31 billion last year from $12 billion in 2003. The country first became a net exporter of such goods just a year before that, recording a 2002 surplus of $3 billion.

Sacha Wunsch-Vincent, the report's author, said it highlighted China's steady rise up the value chain _ from televisions, stereos and other low-margin electronic goods to expensive hi-tech equipment.

China's booming trade surplus in PCs and laptops stood at $45.4 billion last year, the new data showed, and its overall trade in ICT goods has grown an average 38 percent per year since 1996. China also overtook Japan as the main exporter of such goods to the United States last year.

European and U.S. mobile phone and PC producers have been investing heavily in China, and Chinese computer maker Lenovo Group Ltd. acquired the PC operations of International Business Machines Corp. for $1.75 billion in May.

China still depends heavily on imports for the microchips and circuit-board components it needs to feed its booming hardware manufacturing industry, the OECD report said. China's overall trade deficit in components swelled to nearly $62 billion last year.

But Europe and the United States are seeing their share of that parts trade shrinking, the report added, and America now enjoys only a "very small surplus" in components.

"To manufacture laptops and advanced mobile phones, China previously relied on electronic components, such as computer chips, imported from the EU and United States," it said.

These are now being increasingly sourced from countries like Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Malaysia, which all have major tech goods trade surpluses with China as a result.


  Bringing IT Challenges Down to Earth

With a growing number of users of an exploding collection of data—originating and residing in heterogeneous systems—NASA's Earth Science Data and Information System Project presents challenges that are recognizable to many enterprise IT builders.

Applying the principles of an SOA (service-oriented architecture) and taking advantage of the service discovery capabilities of this year's Version 3 update of the UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) protocol, National Aeronautics and Space Administration and its contractors have streamlined data access while also enabling a richer ecosystem of customized applications for analysis and interpretation.

As changes in climate, polar ice coverage and other environmental parameters become urgent global concerns, NASA's SOA modernization is improving earth science understanding and enabling better policy decisions.

In the beginning

Chartered in 1990, earth science Data and Information System Project, or ESDIS, has a broad portfolio whose key tasks include project management, systems engineering and technical direction of systems that archive and distribute earth science data, along with the definition of high-level standard data products.

The roots of the system go back four decades to the United States' first Earth-observing satellites. Those resources now comprise multiple constellations of active spacecraft as well as many legacy data sets.


  Printing High-Fidelity Reports from Oracle Applications Just Got Easier

Unitask Inc., providers of software that makes Oracle Applications easy, today announced a new version of Print Director that integrates with Oracle XML Publisher.

CLEVELAND, Oh. (PRWEB) December 6, 2005 -- Unitask Inc., providers of software that makes Oracle Applications easy, today announced a new version of Print Director that integrates with Oracle XML Publisher. Print Director eliminates the need for organizations to spend time and resources setting up printers in either Oracle or UNIX. In addition, with its “install once, print anywhere” functionality, Print Director instantly enables users to print Oracle E-Business Suite reports or printouts to any desktop or network printer.

“The ability to reduce administrative time and effort while increasing user satisfaction and data security are the reasons we developed Unitask Print Director. With the addition of XML Publisher integration, we have enabled organizations that create high-fidelity output to print that output to any printer on the enterprise network – even printers not setup within Oracle,” said Michael Segev, president and CEO of Unitask. “The integration was developed as part of Unitask’s continuing strategy to stay in lock-step with Oracle technology.”

Oracle XML Publisher, which was recently introduced in version 11.5.10 of the Oracle E-Business Suite, enables organizations to create myriad custom reports such as tax forms, invoices, checks, contracts, marketing material, and financial reports with data extracted from the Oracle E-Business Suite. With the integration between the XML Publisher and Print Director, users can direct those reports to any printer, whether the printer is on the desktop or attached to the network.

Print Director’s ability to simplify printer management provides organizations with many benefits such as:

• Reducing administrative workload by eliminating the need to setup and manage printers in the Oracle E-Business Suite or UNIX
• Enhancing the security of printed information by enabling confidential documents to be printed at printers located much closer to the requesting user
• Increasing user satisfaction by enabling user to print Oracle reports as easily as they print Microsoft Word documents or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
• Supporting remote and traveling users by enabling them to print Oracle reports to any printer including their home printer
• Leveraging existing printer investment by enabling users to print Oracle reports to any printer in the organization

To learn more about this latest version of Unitask Print Director or to download an evaluation version, visit

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