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Offshore outsourcing is emerging as a flexible and powerful approach that companies can use to achieve a wide range of tactical and strategic aims. Many organizations are outsourcing their software development, testing, support, technical design, application and data management, thereby enabling them to focus more on understanding customer needs, achieve better product positioning and enhance customer satisfaction.

Why Companies Offshore Outsource?

Outsourcing requires an understanding of the concept of core competencies. Core competencies are the capabilities of an organization that truly distinguish it from its competitors. They are unique capabilities upon which the success of the company, both today and in the future depends. Core competencies are what give an organization its clear leadership position as seen by its customers. All remaining activities are non-core, and executives are now asking if their company is best in world at performing these activities. If not, they explore how outsourcing these activities might enable the company to deliver greater value to its customers at lower costs.

The Outsourcing Institute, New York, defines the practice as "the strategic use of outside resources to perform activities traditionally handled by internal staff and resources."

Pricewaterhouse Coopers commissioned a study of Outsourcing Trends among the top 300 global companies. And according to the report, 73% of those companies have outsourced at least one process. Some of the main reasons why companies outsource are:

  • Concentrate on Focus Areas / Core Competencies.

  • Access to World Class Capabilities, rather than possessing them.

  • Risks can be shared in terms of Capital Investments, etc

  • Reduction in Operating Costs.

  • Resources not available internally. Companies outsource because they do not have access to the required resources within the company. Sometimes this is due to expansion or reorganization. It may also be due to changing business requirements.

  • Accelerate re-engineering benefits. Outsourcing is often a by-product of another powerful management tool, business process re-engineering. It allows an organization to immediately realize some benefits from this process.

  • Cash Infusion. Outsourcing often involves the transfer of assets from the customer to the provider, such as equipment, facilities, leases and licenses.

 Offshore Outsource Model : In this case the total work is done offshore, away from the Clients Location. Within this model, a Dedicated Offshore Development Center (ODC) can be set up for the client, or a dedicated pool of people can work for the client on a project-to-project basis depending upon the requirement and the workload of the Client

Offshore Services is a long-standing specialty here at eBiz Portals. Companies can quickly take advantage of emerging technologies such as CRM, SCM, Data Processing, Back office Support, Order Processing and ERP etc, by bringing our leading edge skills to seamlessly integrate with your business functions.

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