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QA and Testing Services:

The trend in the software industry today is to outsource QA and Testing services as the service provider views the entire gamut from point of view of customer and provides tangible value added benefits to the business. These benefits include fewer software bugs, swift resolution of problems, cost savings and improved productivity.

eBiz Portals has mature quality programs in place and our prodigious success and ongoing thrust to build-up intellectual capital has enabled us to deliver an increasingly quality driven value proposition. Our testing capabilities span a multitude of application domains, technology areas and testing types.

The software test process is a series of activities practiced across the software development life cycle to ensure product quality. A Testing process is necessary to:

  • Identify and ensure defects are addressed prior to the deployment of the software.

  • Verify interaction between program elements.

  • Verify proper integration of all components of the software.

  • Verify all requirements have been correctly implemented.

eBiz Portals follows the testing process which is developed with an intention of consistently improving software quality, by practicing and adopting better testing procedures which helps to reduce software development life cycle process time and to lower the software development costs.

Our expertise in SQA extends throughout the software development life cycle in performing the processes; reviews/audits based on the project needs.

We employ proven processes for quality assurance in all our software development activities... from managing the Software Development Life Cycle, to tracking project status, through client communications.

eBiz Portal  addresses QA in the following stages of the project:

                               Delivery & Maintenance

We follow IEEE standards of documentation wherever applicable to enhance our quality initiative at each stage of the project. We use three basic documents during the Software Development Life Cycle. They are:

                                Software Requirement Specifications Document
                                Software Design Description Document
                                Software Test Plan

Depending on the nature and schedule of the project we use more detailed documentation such as:

                               Software Development Plan
                               System Segment Specifications
                                Interface Requirements and Interface Design Documents
                               Software Test Plans and Descriptions
                               Version Control and Product Specification Documents

Additional Information on eBiz Portal Quality System

eBiz Portal  has adopted an internal processes system which guarantees high quality of our services.
Each software development project at eBiz Portal  has the following core processes present:
                                Business Modeling
                                Requirements study
                                Analysis & Design
The most important supporting workflows are:
                                Project management
                                Configuration & Change Management
Requirements Management, Software Quality Assurance, Software Configuration Management and other processes adopted by eBiz Portal are based on the International Quality Systems like ISO and CMM.

eBiz Portal quality book

The guidelines specified in Quality Book are strictly followed. The description of the processes and templates of related reports are available. The following events are managed through regular procedures:
                                Project groups meetings (weekly)
                                Project group leaders meetings (weekly)
                                Change control board meetings (weekly/biweekly)
Regular reporting:
                                Project group status report (monthly)
                                Project status report (weekly)
                                Project Group Leader meeting minutes (weekly)
                                Project Group meeting minutes (weekly)
The feedback from developers and clients concerning the internal procedures of eBiz Portal  is collected regularly. The gathered responses are taken into consideration while planning future improvements of eBiz Portal quality system


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