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Business Models

eBiz Portal provides its clients with a well-managed and lower risk mechanism for software development solutions. We take full responsibility of delivering the system within the time and price it has quoted for a project. Our business model is based on the philosophy of creating a long-term successful relationship with a client.
eBiz Portal provides three different models for software projects
1. Fixed Price Project Model
2.Time and Material Project Model
3. Hybrid Model [Mix of the Fixed Price and Time and Material Model

Fixed Price Project Model

eBiz Portal have executed large projects on fixed price models over the last eight years. With our fixed price projects, we offer a cost effective and low risk method of developing software applications for our client organization. This model is used for projects where the client has a clear idea about the requirements of the project.
eBiz Portal helps the client select the best technology for developing their applications. We select the most suitable team members, both technical and management resources, for the projects from its vast pool of manpower. We use our experience with software engineering and project management to deliver a high quality solution in time.
eBiz Portal offers you the choice of executing these projects at your site or at the eBiz Portal site in India, US,UK,and Australia.

Time and Material Project Model

eBiz Portal have also executed many time and material based projects. This model is suitable for projects that have very dynamic requirements.
--For example certain mission critical projects where a detailed system specification cannot be created or provided by the client due to the time constraints. eBiz Portal provide their services for doing these projects using the time and material model with very aggressive schedules.
eBiz Portal provides trained internal resources for short term or long term assignments to complete the project as quickly as possible. We have generally executed such projects at the client location.
Hybrid Model

eBiz Portal can execute a combination of fixed cost and time and material based projects for your organization. The methodology for the same is based on your requirements.
Service Delivery Models:

eBiz Portal offers its range of services that are designed with a view to achieve the best business results during and after the actual software development. These are aimed at optimizing the cost benefit advantage and to add strategic value to our clients operations. Our customers can choose the best fit from the existing delivery models or alternatively eBiz Portal can customize to suit client specific requirements.
What will work best for you?

We create an extension of your organization, offshore.
We recruit and train your teams including non-engineering
We operate your ODC effectively and efficiently with our expertise.
We transfer the application over to you according to timeframes and norms.

Dedicated ODC
We create a virtual extension of your engineering team, offshore.
Dedicated manager to manage the team.
We provide secure infrastructure to protect your intellectual property.