About Us > Why eBiz Portal ?

Our objective is to deliver incredible value to every project we work on. We accomplish this by offering our customers numerous benefits.

Expertise in a wide range of technologies

Our focus is on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services,web Design & delivering IT solutions. We have executed several projects ranging from IT planning to technology implementation and ongoing support. By partnering with Aspire, you can immediately tap into our IT expertise and experience - embedded in our processes and people.

Rapid team mobilization

Time is money ...... but ''internet time'' is life and death. We understand this better than anybody else. Within days of launching a new project, we can have a core team assembled and ready to go, greatly reducing time-to-market. During the life of the project, our central talent pool provides additional skill sets necessary for the project.

Access to a large, highly qualified resource pool

Excellent HR competence in our offshore development center ensures that companies gain immediate access to eBiz Portal's central talent pool of Developers, Web Technologists and Project Managers. Due to our strong local presence, we can pull in extra resources quickly to handle unexpected demand.

24-hour workday

We can achieve a virtual 24-hour workday due to our presence in various time zones. This ''round-the-clock'' programming model keeps the project moving ahead quickly thereby ensuring speedy delivery and faster time-to-market.

Cost advantage

Manpower costs in developing countries like India is much lower than in the West. This translates into direct cost savings for our customers with no sacrifice in quality or timeliness.